We provide any and all construction services for the whole Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Sunland-Tujunga and more. Call us with any questions about our additional construction services.

1. We do difficult projects

The topography and geology of Los Angeles create some tough construction problems. Bedrock. Lack of sufficient bedrock. Steep hillsides. Underground springs. Unstable soils, to name a few. Jim Groesbeck’s practical construction experience, as well as his education and experience as a civil engineer, makes him uniquely qualified. We don’t shy from difficult projects.

2. We bring unpermitted construction up to code

Did you know that if you are buying or selling commercial property and there was construction done previously without a permit, the square footage of that construction cannot be included in the selling price?
We are experts at bringing unpermitted construction up to code. We do an investigation of the unpermitted construction to discover how it was done originally and to see if it is within code. If it isn’t, we estimate the cost to bring it up to code, do the necessary changes and coordinate with the city to get the necessary paperwork signed off.

3. We provide estimates for properties that are for sale

When a commercial property is put up for sale, oftentimes a professional inspection is done. When the inspection report indicates problems with the property that is in need of repair or replacement, we will provide an estimate for the cost of those repairs. These estimates give valuable information that can be used for negotiation. When the sale is complete, we can perform the needed construction as outlined in the estimate.